Project Signage

logo usage and project signage requirements


The U.S. EPA requires that all SRF (WIFA) funded projects perform public outreach and awareness. The methods for completing public outreach can vary depending on the project. Project Managers work with all borrowers to determine the most effective method of notification. 
Notification Options
  1. Construction Signage: Most commonly used for WIFA projects. These can be located near a major roadway, or any other location where it is clearly visible to the public and effectively publicizes the project.
  2. Public Posters: Project posters can be posted in publicly accessed areas, and are sometimes used for smaller projects or rural areas. 
  3. Newsletters, Periodicals, Press Releases: This can be combined with other methods and is used when there's no public posting location or when a construction sign is not likely to reach the community as effectively.
  4. Online Ads: For use on the community's public websites, these are used when the posters or signs are unlikely to reach the community
  5. Insert/Pamphlet: Inserts may be placed with the water/sewer bills to the individuals. 
Guidance and Logo Files
The .zip file contains all logo formats, please review the table below for using the files, or contact us with additional questions. 

Recipients must request the appropriate EPA logo graphic file from the Office of Public Affairs. Click here for more information.

Using the logo files and formats

WIFA logo usage table
JPG/JPEG Word, Excel, PowerPoint, web content The included JPG files have white backgrounds and can be scaled to fit most documents. They are raster files, meaning they will lose quality if the size is increased too much.
EPS Graphic design, layout programs, offset printing Encapsulated PostScript (eps) files are vector graphics. They can be scaled to any size without losing quality. They are not compatible with all programs. They are usually used for printing and high-end graphic design and printed pieces.
PNG Powerpoint, Word, Excel, web pages PNG files have transparent backgrounds. PNG files can be used with light/medium backgrounds in PowerPoint, Word and Excel. Additional logos are available for dark backgrounds, contact WIFA for those.

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