Technical Assistance Program

"grant-like" funding requiring no repayment

What is Technical Assistance?

overview and how it can help

WIFA’s Technical Assistance Program (TAP) is a  “set-aside” from our CWSRF and DWSRF programs. The TAP exists to help water and wastewater facilities develop, fund, and implement their capital projects. TAP funds do not require repayment from the borrower, do not accrue interest, and are available to help borrowers with various things throughout their projects.

Highlights of the Technical Assistance Program

  • Cannot be used without a project loan
  • Up to $50,000 for eligible expenses
  • WIFA directly contracts the engineer(s) and consultant(s) from the State Professional Services List.
  • Like our other offerings, TA funds are available all year, and whenever you need them throughout the loan process

Technical Assistance Eligibility Matrix

Eligible phases, projects, and how it can help.
matrix outlining wifa's technical assistance

Councils of Governments (COGs)

We understand that keeping up with some compliance requirements can be cumbersome for borrowers, especially if they're small or rural systems. In the fall of 2019 we expanded our Technical Assistance Program to include contracts with some of Arizona's Councils of Governments. The assigned COGs will help with construction contractor procurement and help with all Davis-Bacon prevailing wage monitoring and interviewing requirements.

map of arizona councils of governments

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