Water Project Assistance Grant

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The Water Infrastructure Finance Authority of Arizona is accepting applications for Water Project Assistance Grants. $6,000,000 in funding is available for cities and towns providing water in Navajo and Apache counties. Additionally, $4,000,000 in funding is available for irrigation districts in Cochise and Graham counties ($2,000,000 per county).

Approved Resolutions and Awards

2022 WPAG Information and Materials 

2022 Notice of meeting - Water Project Assistance Grant Fund

Eligible Applicants

  • Cities and Towns that provide water in Navajo and Apache counties
  • Irrigation Districts in Cochise and Graham counties

Eligible Use of Fuds

To contract for services of outside advisors, attorneys, consultants, and aides that are reasonably necessary or desirable to enable the applicant to adequately perform their duties.

Funding Source: Arizona State Appropriation
Funds Available: $10,000,000
Number of Awards: Multiple

Additional Information

Applicants are encouraged to collaborate for community partnerships as appropriate. Applicants will be required to certify that they are an eligible entity to receive the grant funds, describe the types of services being requested and why the services are needed, and certify that all proceeds from the grant will be utilized according to the provisions contained in House Bill 2862, Section 96.

Factors Which Applications will be Evaluated for Award Include:

  • Eligibility of applicant
  • Eligibility of proposed use of grant funds
  • Description of why services are needed

Due Date for Submittal: December 30, 2022
Award date for 2023 applicantions: May 17, 2023

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