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Long-Term Water Augmentation 


In 2022, the Arizona Legislature placed significant new authorities, responsibilities, and funds with WIFA. One of these funds is the Long-Term Water Augmentation Fund, a forward-thinking $1 billion investment in water augmentation. WIFA has been tasked with administering the fund by investing in projects designed to import new water into Arizona for the benefit of current and future users, the economy, and the environment. 

The LTWAF will help finance water supply development with at least 75% of the funds being used for opportunities that import water from outside the state and up to 25% of the funds available for in-state augmentation projects.

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Request For Information (RFI)

On September 20, 2023, the Water Infrastructure Finance Authority of Arizona (WIFA) officially opened a Request for Information regarding the Long-Term Water Augmentation Fund (LTWAF). The RFI was an important step in WIFA’s proactive approach to addressing future water demands in Arizona. It served as a platform for stakeholders to contribute their insights regarding innovative, reliable, and sustainable solutions for augmenting Arizona’s water supply and opened an opportunity for collaboration among stakeholders.

Please note that the RFI was not a formal solicitation for proposals. Responding to the RFI was not a prerequisite for participation in a future solicitation, nor will respondents be given preferential treatment in any future procurement.

Next Steps

This RFI highlights the first step of many ongoing efforts to ensure a resilient and sustainable water future for Arizona. The insights gathered from this RFI will inform the development of a formal solicitation seeking proposals for augmentation solutions tailored to meet Arizona’s present and future water supply needs.

WIFA’s Long-Term Water Augmentation Committee will meet beginning in February 2024 to craft a formal solicitation for augmentation projects. All committee meetings are open to the public, broadcasted, and recorded. Please visit our public meetings page for more details.

To find more information on the RFI, download our FAQs or connect with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Program Overview:
In 2022, the legislature placed significant new authorities, responsibilities, and funds with WIFA, including the mandate to find new water sources through the Long-Term Water Augmentation Fund (“LTWAF”). Water is a fundamental building block in the desert, and Arizona has a long and successful history of finding innovative ways to manage and use this scarce resource. From the construction of the Salt River Project and the Central Arizona Project to historic agreements like the Groundwater Management Act of 1980 or the Drought Contingency Plan of 2019, the state has always found ways to let Arizonans build the diverse lifestyles, cultures, and futures they desire.

WIFA is the next iteration of our vision for water: a holistic approach to meeting Arizona’s water needs through conservation, reliability, and augmentation. WIFA’s mission will open the door to solutions that may, at first, seem. impossible But, with the right partnerships, careful vetting of projects, and involvement of all stakeholders, WIFA can and will carry on Arizona’s legacy of successful water projects.

Eligible Entities
Water providers including cities, towns, counties, water districts, commissions, and authorities including other public entities that are organized under Arizona statutory law or under voter-approved charters or initiatives can be eligible to receive financial assistance. WIFA may also enter into Public-Private Partnerships to fund water supply augmentation projects.

Types of Financial Assistance 
Financial assistance includes WIFA loans to eligible entities and credit enhancements purchased for an eligible entity's bonds or other forms of indebtedness. The LTWAF does not provide grants. WIFA will obtain full repayment for monies or financial assistance provided by the LTWAF from the recipients of the funding or financial assistance or from the recipients of any water supply development project or program made available from the fund through water supply contracts, loan repayments, rates, fees, charges or other, as appropriate.

Where We Are Now 
WIFA’s LTWAF program is in the earliest stages of program development and WIFA is looking to maintain and develop strong partnerships as it explores opportunities for water augmentation. The initial step of the LTWAF is to identify both future water demand throughout Arizona and potential opportunities to augment current water supplies. WIFA has not made commitments to any specific water projects or augmentation solutions. In December 2022, WIFA received an unsolicited proposal for a Long Term Water Augmentation Project. This proposal will be considered as part of WIFA's overall competitive process.

In addition to the LTWAF, WIFA offers other funding programs to support water supply programs throughout the state. These include the revolving fund loan programs that leverage federal funding and other funding opportunities specifically supporting water conservation programs and water supply development outside of the Central Arizona AMAs. You can find out more by clicking on the Funding Options tab in the navigation bar.

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