FONSI City of Prescott

Public Notices (WIFA)

Notice of Finding of No Significant Impact

For the City of Prescott
Water Pumping Facility & Intermediate Pump Station Public Noticed on July 3, 2019 in the Daily Courier

The Water Infrastructure Finance Authority of Arizona (WIFA) has received a request for financial assistance from the City of Prescott for a Drinking Water infrastructure project. The purpose of this notice is to inform the public and request comments.

WIFA staff analysis concluded that the following project neither individually nor cumulatively has a significant effect on the human environment. Therefore, the following project qualifies for a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI).

The City plans to upgrade the current Water Production Facility. This will consist of design and replacement of the City’s water pump station, including buildings, pumps, piping, site access, electrical components, and controls. By completing this project, the City will modernize equipment to provide additional reliability and higher efficiency. The City will also construct a new intermediate pump station. This provide the infrastructure to allow the Airport Wells to support the entire water system with required redundancy to the current delivery system, in addition to reducing the pressure by an anticipated 200 pounds per square inch (PSI).

Documentation regarding the proposed project is available for review at WIFA, 100 N. 15th Avenue, Suite 103, Phoenix, Arizona 85007. All written requests for information or letters containing written comments should be addressed to WIFA at the address above. All written comments must be received no later than 5 p.m., 30 days from the publishing date.

WIFA complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Alternative formats for the project documentation are available upon request. Inquiries, requests and comments should be directed to Sara Konrad, Sr. Program Administrator, at (602) 364-1319.